Electro Acoustic Ensemble
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This is the web site for the Electro-Acoustic Ensemble, founded in 1988 - a group of people who bring their disciplines and expertise to the performance of, exploration into and creation of music with specific reference to son et lumieres, educational workshops, sound installations, film music and new digital media artforms.

Our concerts include music by the membership - our repertoire includes works by Olivier Messiaen, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Pierre Boulez, John Cage, Jonathan Harvey, Jean-Claude Risset, Francis Dhomont, Klaus Hashagen, Enrique Raxach, Mauricio Kagel, Erik Satie, Joyce B Tuan Koh, Sohrab Uduman, Tristan Murail and Toru Takemitsu.

All members in the ensemble have and maintain their own web pages, with documentation, personal interests and associated links. The purpose of this site is to act as an information hub for the membership and anyone interested in what we do individually as artists, practitioners and as a group.

Descriptions of recent works, on-going projects, events and installations etc. can be found in the News and Events sections. Comprehensive audio-visual resources are available and downloadable throughout the site.


EAE 2015



and will be available by the end of 2015

in the meantime access is still available but some sections, pages and links will not work as expected - please accept our apologies.

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